Scientists identify drug that mimics effects of exercise on muscle and bone

In a new study published in Bone Research, researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) developed a novel drug screening system to identify a compound that mimics the changes in muscle and bone that occur as a result of exercise. Using the screening system, the researchers identified the aminoindazole derivative locamidazole (LAMZ). LAMZ was capable of stimulating the growth of muscle cells and bone-forming cells (osteoblasts), while suppressing the growth of bone-resorbing cells (osteoclasts).

When LAMZ was administrated to mice orally, it was successfully transmitted into the blood, without obvious side effects. “We were pleased to find that LAMZ-treated mice exhibited larger muscle fiber width, greater maximal muscle strength, a higher rate of bone formation, and lower bone resorption activity,” says lead author of the study Takehito Ono.

Open Access Research Paper:

Simultaneous augmentation of muscle and bone by locomomimetism through calcium-PGC-1α signaling

Bone Research (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41413-022-00225-w


Wonderful, but how do we get some?


It doesn’t seem to be available anywhere right now. Perhaps its a new derivative.

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