Scientists hone tools to measure aging and rejuvenation interventions (Nature Biotech)

Aging is malleable, at least in animal models. But to prove the efficacy of interventions aimed at extending healthspan and to test life-extending approaches in humans, longevity researchers first need to agree on the best measuring tools. With the power of ’omics, AI and large biobanks, improved biomarkers may be forthcoming. Companies and academic researchers are rallying forces, but how far have they gotten?

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On the general topic of biomarkers / biological age measures:

Biological age as a predictor of unplanned intensive care readmission during the same hospitalization


  • Biological age is increasingly being recognised as a more important determinant of health outcomes than chronological age.

  • The ability of biological age to predict health outcomes in the acute and critical care setting is unknown.

  • Being biologically older than one’s chronological age predicted unplanned ICU readmission in a ‘dose-related’ fashion.