Scientists Figured Out How to Erase a Cell's Memory and Turn It Into a Stem Cell


I agree, this is huge. Another huge leap would be discovering how it could help in living persons without causing unwanted changes (e.g. cancer). But granted that the science to navigate these stem cells appropriately can be figured out (or the body already does a good enough job orchestrating these stem cells without additional help), then rejuvenation medicine has taken a huge leap forward with this discovery.

This is the original paper

To investigate epigenome remodelling throughout naive and primed reprogramming, we reprogrammed human fibroblasts into both primed and naive pluripotent states using Sendai viral OKSM transcription factors16, and isolated reprogramming intermediates throughout this process using intermediate cell surface markers22 (Fig. 1a, Extended Data Fig. 1a,b and Supplementary Table 1).

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I think this video may be relevant to how Sendai transcription factors work