Saving My Grandfather's Life Saved My Own

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Saving My Grandfather’s Life Saved My Own

The plural of anecdote is anecdotes, not data." - Brian Dunning.

While personal stories aren’t data and can never prove anything on their own, for people, they can make the most impact in remembering what the data shows.

Last year, my grandfather and I tried to lose weight on the popular Keto diet, low carb, high meat, and high fat.

He lost 60 lbs, and I lost 80 lbs, eating like “real men” on meat, butter, and bacon! My grandfather didn’t exercise (he was bedridden for five years), and I only pumped iron. No cardio for me, thanks! That’s for wussies and lettuce-munching vegan hippies!

To heck with “expert” advice about fruits, vegetables, and cardio, 80 lbs on meat and weight training, baby! That’s all the proof I need of a healthy lifestyle!

My grandfather and I lost weight, felt great, looked great, and all doing the caveman carnivore diet! Paleo forever, baby! Tell the vegetarians to go shove it!

Looking Under The Hood To Find The Shocking Truth

My grandfather and I underwent our blood tests with a swagger of champions. We had done so well on this low-carb, meat-heavy diet rich in bacon and animal fats; how could our numbers not be amazing?

Our cholesterol had soared; mine was up about 50% in a year.

My blood pressure was up despite having lost 80 lbs of fat. My liver was fatty, my kidneys were starting to shut down, and my C-reactive protein, a marker for inflammation, heart disease, and cancer risk, had approximately doubled.

My doctor told me I was about one year away from infertility and two years from a potential heart attack. And I just turned 37!

After being shown proof that the experts weren’t full of crap, here is what our doctors advised.

The Cure To The Greatest Killer In The World

To save my Grandfather’s life after three heart attacks and one stroke, his doctor asked him and me (he lives with me) to try the Esselstyn diet, the only one ever proven to reverse heart disease in humans.



The Cleveland Clinic has used this since 1996, and has been proven through about half a dozen clinic studies to slow and reverse heart disease.

  • the only known cure for the largest killer in the world.

Of course, weight loss isn’t everything. But there’s been plenty of that.

7 Weeks Of A Plant-Based Diet: Jaw Dropping Results Including 53 Lbs Lost


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I’ve never lost weight this fast, but my nutrition is nearly perfect this time.

I’m not eating 1,000 calories per day and in the gym for hours per day like the biggest loser; I’m eating 2,000 calories on average, just the right foods.

And the blood work?

7 Weeks Of A Plant-Based Diet: My Doctor Has Never Seen Anything Like This Kind Of Improvement



The average cholesterol for infants is 125 mg/dl, and under 150 has been shown by numerous studies, including the Framingham Heart Study, to eliminate the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

My cholesterol cratered well over 100 points, my diabetes is gone, and my blood pressure is normal. My kidney function is 50% above normal, and my vital signs are all healthy for the first time in 12 years!

I have not been this healthy since I was in Army Medical School training to be a surgeon! And my cholesterol has never been this low…ever. Granted, that’s because I was on Atorvastatin during this time, and my doctor says it’s what’s causing my HDL good cholesterol to be low.

I’m now off all medications…for the first time in about a decade.

And I’m hardly alone.


Craig, W. J., Mangels, A. R., Peel, J. L., & Masse, L. C. (2019). Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian diets. Nutrition Reviews, 77(10), 1037-1056.

Of course, as important as cholesterol levels are, what we care about is chronic disease, the standard of living, and living our best and healthiest lives.


Plant-Based Diets and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies, Francesco Sofi, Giulia Cesari, Luca Abbate, et al., Journal of the American Heart Association, 18(11):e010368 2019

During this life-changing transformation, one man has changed my life more than any other.

I recently listened to all of Dr. Michael Gregor’s life-changing audiobooks:

I also watched his amazing YouTube channel, NutritionFact.Org.

I’m also listening to his weekly podcast, the NutritionFacts Podcast, on my 40 weekly walks (Grandfather is up to 7 hours after being bedridden for years).

And I’m very much looking forward to his upcoming book, “How Not To Age.

You could say that Dr. Gregor is one of my most trusted health gurus, given his dedication to science-based medicine and living.

  • “How Not To Diet” used nine fact-checkers and had 5,000 scientific study citations

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