S1QEL1.719 - New Compound that Prevents Free Radicals in Mitochondria

Great idea. This compound stops free radical production in mitochondria only which is a good thing.

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From one of the paper authors on Linkedin, it sounds like a new supplement company is in-process


The researchers found they can specifically block free radical production in mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, which as they become dysfunctional with age or damage, begin to dial down the production of cellular energy and dial up the production of free radicals.

Publishing in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the researchers show that specifically inhibiting free radical production at a particular mitochondrial site prevents and treats metabolic syndrome in mice by preventing and reversing insulin dependence [3].

“We think that mitochondrial radical production drives many chronic diseases of aging, and that blocking the production of free radicals is a viable disease-treating and anti-aging intervention,” said Martin Brand, PhD, Buck Professor Emeritus and senior investigator of the study.

The orally bioavailable compound that has been developed, S1QEL1.719 (a new “S1QEL” – Suppressor of site IQ Electron Leak), was given both prophylactically and therapeutically to mice fed a high-fat diet that causes metabolic syndrome.

Available from Lab supply houses (not sure its the same version as what has been tested)s:


Definitely something that should be tested by the ITP.


Gustavo Barja has written smg impt about this