Rotating Supplements / Medicines that should not be taken together

Ezitimibe blocks the uptake of EPA/DHA in the intestine. (Having read that I am thinking that stanols might also block EPA/DHA uptake). So, does it make sense to do a one week rotation? Or, how many hours needed after ingesting EPA/DHA before taking Ezitimibe without the Ezitimibe blocking the DHA/EPA?

Taurine and Glycine-- ok to take Taurine at night and Glycine in the morning? Or do they need to be spaced further apart?

I take glycine once a day in the morning.
I take taurine twice a day, morning/evening.
After reading this I think I will start taking glycine in the evening.

From the Web:
"Taurine and Glycine: Timing and Considerations
Taurine and glycine are amino acids that offer various health benefits when taken as supplements. While there are no specific medical guidelines regarding the timing of their consumption, understanding their individual effects can help optimize their usage.

Morning Intake
Taurine may provide an energy boost and enhance mental focus when taken in the morning.

It can help combat fatigue and increase alertness, making it beneficial for those who need an energizing start to their day.

Evening Intake
Taurine has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, which may promote better sleep quality when taken at night.

Its antioxidant properties and support for cardiovascular health can also be beneficial at any time of the day.

Morning Intake
Glycine is not typically associated with providing an energy boost or enhancing mental focus, making it less ideal for morning consumption compared to taurine.

Evening Intake
Glycine has been studied for its potential to improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.

It may be more beneficial to take glycine in the evening or before bedtime to take advantage of its sleep-enhancing properties.

While taurine and glycine can be taken together, spacing their intake throughout the day may be preferable to maximize their individual benefits.

For example, taking taurine in the morning and glycine in the evening could be an effective approach.

However, individual responses may vary, and it’s essential to monitor how your body reacts to the timing and dosages of these supplements.

Dosages and Durations
There are no established medical guidelines for dosages and durations of taurine and glycine supplementation."


I am waiting for my omega blood test results to come in. I have been on Ezetimibe for a while, eat fish 2-3 times per week, and take a gram of fish oil per day. So, I will have some data soon. Ezetimibe’s half life is 22 hours, so it would take a while to get out of the system. Not sure on this one. If I cannot obtain a decent omega 3 level, I might try lowering the Ezetimibe dose to 5mg.
Your Taurine and Glycine protocol should be fine, imo. Plasma taurine has been shown to return to baseline concentrations 6–8 h after ingestion. The apparent half-life of glycine varied 10-fold (range 26–245 min) and increased in direct proportion to the amount of glycine given. So, really would be no overlap.


The only thing I could add is, glycine has been shown to activate mTOR, and taurine has been shown to inhibit mTOR and activate autophagy. Something we may want to consider. I believe these findings may have been in vitro or animal studies, so take it for what you want.


Glycine blocks taurine absorption as they both use the Glycine receptor. So if you take Glycine and Taurine together, you are effectively wasting your Taurine. You need to take them 4 hours apart to prevent this. Glycine also blocks Beta Alanine which in turn also blocks Taurine.

Also, Ezetemibe should only block ALA not EPA/DHA. @Joseph_Lavelle has tested this. His Omega 3 index was fine on Ezetemibe.


Thank you all. So helpful. I will continue with taurine in the morning and just ordered some magnesium taurate for morning so I can split magnesium into AM and PM. Will stay on magnesium glycinate at night.

The information about Ezitimibe is helpful. Had already been taking 5g as 5g is very nearly as effective as 10g. Had recently stopped altogether but will probably resume.

Anyone know if sterols / stanols block absorption of EPA/DHA?


I can find literature that glycine has some, but not a significant effect on mTORC1
Have you seen literature suggesting that taurine or glycine has a significant effect on mTOR signaling?

I am always trying to reduce my supplement list. It is hard to do being an avid reader of Rapamycin News when almost every day someone introduces a new supplement to consider.

I was never a huge fan of glycine, it did nothing for me subjectively nor produced a detectable change in my blood work. Taurine on the other hand produced and continues to produce an increased perceived energy level. Since I do many things that activate mTORC1, I am going to drop glycine from my supplement list. Unlike taurine, I probably get enough glycine from my diet.

“Individual amino acids have little effect on mTORC1 activity.” See figure 1

“Taurine treatment decreases mTOR activity”,the%20effects%20of%20mTOR%20blocking%20included%20a


I am not sure how significant the signaling is. Probably to a much lesser degree than Leucine, arginine, and methionine.
I believe I was referring to the to your link in regards to taurine.

For glycine I believe I might have been referring to these.

Glycine Protects Muscle Cells From Wasting in vitro via mTORC1 Signaling


For me, Glycine is useful because it is a precursor to glutathione (GSH). GSH is necessary to handle oxidative stress. If you don’t have it when your body is undergoing damaging stress, bad things happen. I’m not sure if that’s something you can feel until something breaks.

It’s like the brakes on your car. You won’t notice them not working until you come to that STOP sign. Hopefully it’s not a busy intersection.

As an aside, that happened to me decades ago at a busy intersection in the US when I had a red light. What a stressful way to find out your brakes don’t work anymore!

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Are we sure about this, think others (perhaps @DeStrider and @Virilius ) clarified that it was the ALA Omega 3 and that we don’t have data on EPA/DHA being blocked?