Roadmap to 100 - Dr. Stanfield


Very basic and I’m not sure I completely agree with his supplements or exercise regimen, but very good video for beginners.


He already disqualified himself by going after CGMs in healthy people…

Not fully disqualified, it’s irritating af…


I agree… the longevity movement is going to be driven forward by people like us who measure, test, and track data over time and share that data. By discouraging that, I feel that Stanfield is just defaulting to that traditional medical trop of disease focus and conservatism that has held us back for so long.


He does support rapamycin research in humans at least. Other than that his recommendations are in line with Attia and Kaeberlein.


Long time I last visited his YT channel. Good point he used to change his point of view on matters with new healthspan discoveries. Much more professional and deep videos with Nicolas Verhoeven at Physionic. IMHO.


My two cents; he is trying to find his place as an influencer in the anti-aging/ longevity space and he is becoming a devils-advocate. He simply can’t compete in this space at Sinclair or Attia levels so he trolls on there work in the field with negative commentary on his podcast.

I don’t mind Brad Stanfield, but he does not add anything that is particularly new. I disagree with him on some things. I am actually less happy with David Sinclair because David Sinclair has failed to debate his own scientific concepts with those who disagree with him (particularly Charles Brenner).

It’s a populist move to be anti-CGM. There’s a backlash against CGM due to influencers making everything in health be about “spikes” and selling the idea that blood sugar should be flat and low all the time. I used a CGM for a short time; I learned a lot about my body.

What I think happens is that quite a few people who are not diabetic use CGMs. Some of those go to their GP worried wrongly about the results. This biases the GPs towards the idea that patients using CGMs is a nuisance for the GPs.

GP - General Practitioner in the UK a family doctor.

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I generally support patients knowing as much as possible about their health. That said, i see countless patients in the ER that are only there because of the lack of understanding about data from monitors and the internet.

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That’s amazing. I wouldn’t go to the ER unless my eyeball was hanging out of my skull or I was projectile vomiting blood. (Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little).

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The denizens of this forum may not realize that when it comes to medical knowledge and concern about the own health you guys are 1%’ers. The general population is mostly clueless.