Rilmenidine vs Metformin and other CRMs

Several anti-aging/CR compounds commonly discussed on this forum are compared in this article. One thing I found disconcerting is the following, concerning Metformin, and now I wonder if I should continue taking it: "Furthermore, current CRMs such as metformin, when administered at day 10 of C. elegans’ adulthood or 20 months in mice, instead shortened lifespan and accelerated age-related pathologies (Espada et al., [2020


But that goes against the ITP results. If I have to choose, I’ll go with the ITP.

Also 20 months for mice is quite old considering they average about that normally. Thatd be like starting at 80 for a human being.


The simple answer is we are not worms or mice. 95% of drugs tested that work in mice fail to work in humans. We can deduce from this that many drugs or substances that are harmful to mice are not harmful to humans. One example of a substance that is harmful to some animals, but very beneficial to humans is chocolate.

“Although many people are aware that dogs can’t eat chocolate, it is actually a very common intolerance for most mammals. From ferrets to pigs, cats to poultry, accidental ingestion of large amounts of the cocoa-based product could result in chocolate toxicity, which can be fatal.”

“If we were all mice, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and most inherited disorders would be a thing of the past.”

Which animals can eat chocolate?.