Rheum, Sleep and age

When people (or animals) wake with “sleep in their eyes” this is a collection of dried Rheum.

I think Rheum is one of the body’s maintenance functions that depends upon the cells being particularly metabolically healthy. What I find now is when I am running a high metabolic cycle I generate Rheum, but otherwise often I will not get Rheum.

I wonder what everyone else’s experience is. Did you find that when you were younger you had “sleep in the eyes” whereas when older this stopped.

I think there is a similar situation with the generation of oil from skin cells, but have not managed to find any research on this. I have not found much research on Rheum.


I hadn’t thought of this, but yes! This is totally true in my personal experience. Going to research.

I’ve been noticing it’s back for several months. I hadn’t thought much about it or what it meant though. I do hope it’s a good sign since I have it every morning nowadays.

I think it is a good sign in the sense that cells which were not producing substances that protect the function of the eyes are now doing so.

However, I thought it was a question worth asking.

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