Reversing Ageing

I am sure that this Attia video has been posted before, but I wanted to point out how a scientist
sees the next step in actually Reversing Ageing not just delaying it.

We all take Rapa and other interventions to stay health and delay ageing. We are all waiting for
next big breakthrough in geroscience where ageing is actually reversed to a more youthful state.

This scientists company developed the $995 liquid biopsy for cancer detection.
This science also applies to ageing. While the liquid biopsy discussion is very interesting, the rejuvenation of cells is even more so.

Cellular and epigenetic reprogramming and repair. Dr. Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize for discovering the “factors” needed to reverse a cell back to the beginning which is a youthful stem cell before being programmed by the body to be a certain cell. They want to use these factors to partially reprogram a specific cell, but stop halfway through the process so the cell regains it youthful state, but does not lose it’s identity as a specific type of cell. (cardiac, etc.) As an example: To reverse a cardiac cell to a stem cell (blank slate) you use the factors, but in this example you go back in stages toward the beginning and stop the reversion at a specific point. ( stop halfway) Where the cell is youthful, but has not lost the specific characteristics (identity) of a cardiac cell and having the body reproduce the new cells. (partial reprogramming) Where you now have a 20 yr olds heart.

It will go in stages, first repair our T-cells, eyes, cardiac cells, and our joints. This should happen in next 10 years. Repairing all cells in human body will take longer and was not discussed.

Discussion starts at 2:10 in video and only last 10 min.