Reverse Inflammaging Summit Day 1 Video Replay

They are making the video replay of the summit available for 24 hours. The link at the bottom is a replay of Day 1 of the Reverse Inflammaging Summit.

It is only available to view at no cost for 24 hours.(Today the 5th of May, 2023)

In my view the presentations I place a ✓ by are worth watching .

The presentations that are in bold with a are a must watch.

Day 01 Intro

Robert Lufkin, MD and Dr. Stephen Sideroff
Inflammaging And The Mind/Body Approach

Mark Hyman, MD
Young Forever: The Emerging Sciences Of Longevity

Dr. Kelly Halderman
9 Hallmarks Of Aging

✓Peter Diamandis, MD
The Future Of Longevity

✓Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL
Sugar: Metabolic Dysfunction

✓Aubrey de Grey, PhD
Rejuvenation Biotechnology To Reverse Inflammaging

✓Eric D. Gordon, MD
Aging Is Another Chronic Illness

✓Rakesh M. Suri, MD, DPhil
Challenges Ahead: Longevity And Inflammaging


@Joseph, I missed it because I was working 12 hours that day unfortunately but wondered if anyone who caught the presentation learned anything they’d like to share?

Same here. I missed it, so if anyone would share some valuable insights I would appreciate.


Go to the link above as of today 05/07/3023 at 08:55 am EST the Video’s are still available to watch for another 18 hours.

You can watch any of the seven days, use the three _{Stack lines, the
menu icon] inside the web page on the upper right corner to change the days on the page linked above.

See attached screen shot, day selection menu open attached below.

In my view some of the video’s are well with taking the time to watch


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I am still looking for someone who is interested in splitting the cost{half of $97.00 on a pass, includeds a second at no additional cost - $47.50 each person] for the two for one pass to get permanent access to these videos

Some of the videos are worth reviewing in detail. You also will have written transcription of the presentations available with the pass.

If you are interested write me off this posting through the forums message system .

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