Reveri - self hypnosis app

Hi folks

Hoping you’re all well and had a happy Christmas!

I’ve just started using an app called Reveri in the last couple of days to try and improve on my sleep. It’s a self hypnosis app that the website indicates can be used for a number of conditions (ie anxiety, addictions, etc).

I’ve averaged a 79 sleep score on my Oura ring in 2023. Have only used Reveri for the last 3 nights (sleep score 86, 84, 79) so too early to tell if it’s working. Will be interesting to track over time to see if my sleep score (or individual indicators like efficiency or deep sleep, etc.) improves.


Has anyone else used this and if so I’d value your insights.



I just signed up for the 7 day trial. I will report here on results. It turns out I am not very hypnotizable. Oh well.

What has been causing you to have not great sleep?

The one thing it says about what it does wrt sleep is a comment about reducing stress (presumably caused by mental processes as opposed to physical problems). If that is the trouble, I expect it would help, if not, probably not.

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I couldn’t say with certainty but I believe it is a set of bad habits that have combined with some aging effects to make it easier to be alert and harder to relax. I am working on several things at once to try to impact it. I slept great last night after having trouble falling asleep (which almost never happens). So stuff is in flux.

If reveri doesn’t show promise (or add anything new) in the 7 day trial, I’m canceling.

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Been there, done that. :grin:

There are a lot of different things that can cause people to have trouble sleeping. These are the things I’ve noticed (in myself or from reports).

  • Lack of a consistent sleep schedule
  • Trying to sleep at a time incompatible with your natural chronotype (e.g. staying up late if you’re a lark or trying to get up early for owls)
  • Trying to get too much done, i.e. not giving your body time to wind down before sleep
  • Lack of sleep (believe it or not)
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Sleep apena
  • Muscle tension
  • Other things we don’t know how to diagnose

If you apply a fix to the actual problem, it should work. Of course, having it work is how you know it was the problem.

Good luck.


I am well acquainted with hypnosis and have done some fairly extensive research in the past hoping to unlock the benefits of self-hypnosis.

“Across scales, approximately 10% to 15% of subjects fall into the “high hypnotizability” range, another 15% to 20% fall in the “low hypnotizability” range, and the remainder fall in an intermediate range.”

Hypnosis is highly tied to suggestion which is highly tied to the placebo effect.

Unfortunately, I am in the 15% -20% 'low hypnotizability " range so I don’t benefit from hypnosis or the placebo effect.

IMO: Your own life experience with the placebo effect of taking drugs and supplements will probably tell you if you are a good hypnosis subject.

My wife was highly hypnotizable and even had a molar extracted while being hypnotized and with no anesthetic, which demonstrates the power of hypnosis.,fall%20in%20an%20intermediate%20range.


I tried reading a book about self-hypnosis but it keeps sending me to sleep.


Let me know how you go @Joseph_Lavelle. At this stage, I probably won’t continue with a subscription after the 7 days. I forgot to use it last night and had a great sleep :crazy_face:


I’d buy that book for sure.

Funny. I got through ½ a session yesterday before giving up. I had the best sleep of the year.

If the hypnotism aspect worked on me I’d be happy to pay. It doesn’t as far as I can tell.

I have to say I really like the app. I just wish it helped me. Maybe self hypnosis is a skill that requires a lot of practice for a person like me who score poorly in the hypnotizable test. (My hand just does not float up on its own. I really wanted it to do that. But no)

I have no doubt that sitting down to do the program is good in some way. I have a feeling that deep breathing, with an HRV biofeedback app to keep my attention is more on point for me right now.

I will be canceling my trial tomorrow.


I ended up cancelling too. My sleep score is up slightly. However, I think this is more due to me being on holidays presently.

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I have heard of it but not used it. Looks like it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be.

I tried it recently but cancelled. No cost trial. If you are hypnotizable then it might be worth it. I would still be using if it cost $10. It’s a good app that is useful even without the hypnotism angle. They are pricing in a huberman premium.

I agree. The price point is a bit high. If it was $10 or $20 (Aus) a month, then I prob would have continued the subscription.

My subscription ‘stack’ is getting a little large. Kinda like my supplement one haha.

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I use a wearable Apollo to get me off to sleep and to stay asleep, if you upgrade the Apollo, it senses your emotions and automatically switches on to stress/ focus/ unwind/ energy or recover after exercise . It will also switch on if you are disturbed during sleep, I couldn’t do without it now and I’m getting 8 hours of sleep most nights , hope this helps


How much does Apollo cost?

$299.00, I bought one for my husband who is a market trader and it keeps him calm and he uses it for focus, I also bought one for my Son who has a lot of anxiety , I really recommend it as my sleep has been transformed and I have bought an extra one in case anything
Happens to this one as I am so used to using it now that I don’t think I could cope without it, I have it set to go into The unwind mode 30 minutes before bed, this relaxes me ready for bed, even if I have been watching a horror movie😁 but seriously, I have not had a bad night sleep for the last eight months, which is when I first purchased the Apollo… I hope this helps

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Thanks. I’ve been pretending not to see anything about Apollo for a couple years. It just seems so absurd. Maybe I should check it out.

Great to hear this is working for you @Deeinflorida! Just wondering if you use a sleep tracker? And if so, do you have any before and after measurements to report on?