Resistant Starch / Green Banana Cuts Risk of Hereditary Cancer

The Research Paper:


It’s very impressive. I don’t think you’re going to get 30 grams of resistant starch from one green banana however.

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Not one green banana, but easily doable as 2 servings as green banana flour. I recently added it back to my diet, taking one serving/day.

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Yes - I was thinking the same thing when I saw the first news article on this… seems like an easy add-in to my smoothies:

Rhonda Patrick mentioned this study on twitter the other day:

That’s interesting. Never heard of it. Tasty?

What’s taste got to do with anything? LOL

Tastes exactly like white flour.

Seriously, it’s a very fine white powder, just sprinkle it on something…

Yeah, what was I thinking, don’t really care about the taste. I’ll try it.

What brand do you use and do they heat these bananas, and does that matter?

I just bought something local health food store, a reputable brand. Don’t want to say it’s a commodity, but have not explored deeper. They could all be selling the same stuff from the same vendor, just marketing.

I can’t find any brand where 1 tbls = 15 grams

Hello, I’m new to the forum.

I think the math is a little off here. The resistant starch content of green banana flour is ~50%. 1 tbsp of green banana flour has 10g of carbs. So 50% of 10g is 5g, which means each serving has 5g of resistant starch.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is also off. 1 medium green banana contains about 25g of carbs. If we also apply 50%, that is 12.5g of resistant starch. So to get 30g of resistant starch, you need to eat 2.4 bananas.

By the way, FYI, one review on Amazon said the green banana flour was heated in processing, which destroyed the resistant starch. I don’t know if that it correct or not but according to web searches, it does indicate that one needs to take raw flour to get the resistant starch.

Another option to get resistant starch is raw potato starch. According to Healthline, “…one study found that Bob’s Red Mill raw potato starch contained around 60% resistant starch.”

What Is Potato Starch? All You Need to Know


Thank you Kandice…I need to add more!

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Potato flour seems better but won’t it raise your blood sugar a fair amount or will the fiber negate that effect?

If we assume that raw potato starch has 60% resistant starch, then the other 40% is regular carbs. So yes the 40% will raise your blood sugar. So you should include that in your carbs count. I think the same applies to green banana flour because only 50% is resistant starch, the other 50% is regular carbs. By the way, the 50% and 60% are estimates and depending on the product, the numbers could vary a little, up or down a few %.


Welcome to the forum Kandice, and thanks for the correction!

You’re very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

That seems like a less expensive option than the green banana starch.

Kandice - this seems like what they are talking about - but no mention of “raw”. Someone in the comments says that it has to be raw - do you have any insight in this area?


Bob’s Red Mill’s product is labeled “unmodified.” My guess is that it means raw? But I’m not certain. By the way, I read that you shouldn’t put raw starch in hot food, because the heat will destroy the resistant starch. So putting it in something like room temperature smoothie could work. You can find Bob’s Red Mill products in regular supermarkets.

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$5.29 on Bob’s Red Mill’s website. $3.59 on Swanson’s website. $4.29 at my local supermarket.

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