Research Shows “Remarkable” Impacts of Grape Consumption on Health and Lifespans


That first article seems to tout the same reasons people promote Resveratrol - which is found heavily in grape skin.

However, I have always thought that grapes were synonymous with glucose spikes. Does this infer that glucose spikes may be more benign than thought?

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Don’t know but that degree of beneficial gene expression is enough to have me eating a bowl of grapes.


I love grapes! (especially Kyoho) So, this makes it easier for me to indulge. Thanks!

Healthy grape tip to bring out sweetness:

  1. Wash grapes in water.
  2. Stick the grapes in freezer.
  3. Eat after frozen. They’re much sweeter and taste like little popsicles.

This is a nice treat for children or yourself on a hot day. Can’t say what the extra sugar will do to you though, but much healthier than ice cream or popsicles! For you granparents or parents out there. :wink: