Research and trials about Rapamycin

Anyone know of research about rapamycin that is under way and ongoing?
I found this: PEARL Trial to Prolong Life With Longevity Products | AgelessRx
Pearl trial,expected fin ished by desember 2023,cant wait to see how they did :grin:

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We have a number of people in the forum who are participants in that trial. Generally they are providing I think annual updates on their progress, though not a ton of detail. Iā€™m not sure when final results will be available or announced (published?)ā€¦ I think another year at least.

I recommend you review these threads on the topic:

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Oh - and by the way, there are a bunch of other clinical trials underway with rapamycin (sadly, they are all very small clinical trials - nothing like the TAME trial with placebo control, double blind, etc. type of trial we really need. You can search the forums (we post about them when they are announced), and you can see a list of some of them here: Rapamycin Clinical Trial Update