Repeated Gum Infections

Whenever I start taking Rapamycin (have tried 2mg/week and 4mg/week) I get a gum infection. One time I got a skin infection also. I stop the Rapamycin upon getting infection and taking antibiotics, the infection goes away. But if I start Rapamycin again, I get another infection. Any ideas on what to do?

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Have you had a deep cleaning done at the dentist? It’s also known as scaling and root planing. It’s a technique used to get rid of plaque, tartar and bacteria below the gumline. That procedure may lessen the likelihood of oppurtunistic infection. And if you haven’t had the pocket depths checked, they could do that as well.


I haven’t had a cleaning in the last few months, thanks will do that. But I use a Waterpik Water Flosser and my teeth and gums are super clean.

Is it important to stop the Rapamycin in case of an infection? Or can I continue taking it?

Can you describe this gum infection? I just wonder if what you might be getting are canker sores.

Just so you know, some people arrive at the dentist with little visible tartar, but have tartar and buildup below the gumline that you can’t see, and standard cleaning doesn’t help. Waterpik can help to prevent such buildup and remove some loose particles, but any fixed tartar in the pockets would need to be removed by the dentist. Depending on pocket depth, which they measure in each tooth with a special tool, it may or may not be necessary.

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Definitely an infection. It’s under the gum behind the last molar on the top left side. Pressing on it yields smelly pus/fluid.

That’s just not enough, you need to use interdental brushes where possible

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Funnily enough I’m on only my second week of rapa and am seeing the opposite effect. I’ve had gum disease for years. Couldn’t get rid of it. Until now. It’s totally gone. Zero bleeding when I floss for first time since I can remember. Must be the rapa.

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Lower the dose, increase time in between doses.