Rejuvenation Olympics Update

Looks like there are some changes in the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard
Brian Johnson is slipping to 7th and 6th positions which is good news for people that can’t spend $2M per year to stay young as it shows that much less heavy interventions can be as good or even better.

Here is the longevity routine of Jenvel who is #4 with an aging rate of 0.67.
Some stuff there looks rather weird to me though.

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He eats a shocking amount of protein.

Did i read that correctly that there is a 15 year old competing?

Lustgarten is in 18th place. He uses almost no drugs or supplements.

You have to do the Trudiagnotic thing for $500. Just thought I’d put that here to save people the trouble of looking it up.


I actually think it’s based on the third gen epigenetic clock Pace only (and not “Complete” that you may be quoting the price for).

That test costs $229 (and there may have been a discount for people wanting to be in the Rev Olympics):

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You do need to do the test three times.

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I’ve done it twice and my aging pace was 0.67. I’m not paying them any more money for vanity purposes.


Those rankings are a joke.

  • 1750 persons but somehow only the first 20 are displayed, yet the differences between them are so large.
  • The relative change leaderboard is irrelevant because if you want to be in the top, you must live an unhealthy life first in order to obtain shitty test results from which it’s easier to improve.
  • Why do we even compare people of different ages in the same table? It’s a lot harder to have a low speed of ageing when you’re 70 than when you’re 30.

Honestly, that website should be removed because otherwise, it will allow an easy way into the industry for more scammers and clueless people.


It would be more interesting to compare this data to data of people who do nothing. It is possible that what we see is just a normal variation. Further human aging may not be a continuous process but rather there may be spurts when people age quicker and then slower with an overall aging averaging out over a longer period of time.

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