Regular exercise effectively protects against the aging-associated decline in skeletal muscle NAD content


  • Skeletal muscle NAD content moderately declines with aging.
  • Regular exercise upregulates NAD synthesis in both young and aged muscle tissue.
  • NAD precursor supplementation strategies are less effective than exercise training in staving off muscle and systemic aging.

I’m finding that in many cases, supplementing with a molecule is a suboptimal strategy compared to exercise. The first question I usually ask myself these days is usually: yes, but how does that compare to exercise?

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Caloric Restriction and Rapamycin may be the only thing better than exercise for anti-aging that we know of.

I have heard exercise will give you 3-5 years of extra health span.

Rapamycin supposedly gives you 5-7 years.

Caloric restriction is the king but is not practical. Why live longer if you don’t enjoy living?