Really Famous People's Lifespans

I thought this was interesting enough to share.

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It’s a very interesting chart (if that is the right description.) Just one correction needed that I can see…David Cameron is listed as a “Political Leader” but I am sure he belongs in the category described (fittingly) as “Dicks”…

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I don’t know about him but Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao of course sure do

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Are posters available?

Somewhat related, but lifespan for likely 2,000 + years has changed little.

That is, a 20 year-old living in year 1, lived about the same as a 20 year-old will, born in year 2000. Forget the tables put-out by pharm companies. Once one eliminates deaths right after birth, and also omits childhood diseases, maybe we have 2-3 years longer life than 2,000 years ago

Rapamycin might change that.