Rapmycin Usage Risk for PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy)

Today I just read a published paper " Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy genetic risk variants for pharmacovigilance of immunosuppressant therapies", the PDF file can be downloaded here:

Incidentally, Mayo Clinic also has similar warning in this page:


Any comments or thoughts on this risk?

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What are the 4 suspected variants?

In the paper, these four variants are:

C8B gene: rs139498867 (C>A)
LY9 gene: rs763811636 (G>A)
FCN2 gene: rs76267164 (G>A)
STXBP2 gene: rs35490401 (G>C)

“Carriers of any one of these variants are shown to be at high risk of PML when drug-exposed PML cases are compared to drug-exposed matched controls”

I checked my nebula database, it seems I do not have any of these variants.


Your nebula database? What test is that?


I did a full-genome sequencing two years ago.


Wow, $200 (xmas special) for a full genome sequencing… Seems completely insane.

Thanks sunnyloop for this valuable information.

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