RapaPro vs generic Sirolmus

Hello I’m new to the group but have been reading and lurking, not posting.

I bought my first batch of Rapamycin without a Drs prescription from a source that I’ve used over the years for other prescription products. I got RapaPro and used the 6mg once per week protocol.
Side effects were mouth sores, faster heart beat, etc.

After a couple of months I was able to convince my local physician to write a script for generic Sirolmus and switched over to it a few weeks ago.(same dose, etc)
I am not feeling anything and have no side effects at all.
Could my body have just adapted or could the US prescription be the problem?

I’m just seeing what others here have experienced?
I did take yesterday’s dose with grapefruit juice so I’m hoping that will help a bit.


RapaPro is not the opposite of generic Sirolimus.

That is Rapamune by Pfizer.

I would avoid RapaPro:

As promised, I have an update on my RapaPro from AAS. I took 2.5 mg of RapaPro for 12 days. My repeat Ramamycin shows that there is no Rapamycin at all in the pill I received. I asked for a full refund, and I received a nice reply from the company saying they would send one. I will report back when it arrives. Sadly, because I took a fake drug, my potentially life-threatening autoimmune conditions have been untreated for two months. The only advice I can offer after my experience is that you must have A mechanism to prove you are getting what you have been sold. In my case, my life was in jeapordy because of this. It might not just be money you are wasting! :cold_sweat:


That’s where I bought my batch. How do you know for certain that it didn’t contain Rapamycin? Like I said, I had the side effects associated with it and am now not getting those with a US prescription?

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I don’t have the burden of proof.

The generic rapamycin you are getting with a prescription is real however.

To not have any side effects is good.


If you’re making the statement that “there is no Rapamycin at all in the pill I received” then the burden of proof is with you because you’re making this accusation. Did you get it tested at a lab?

  1. Avoid RapaPro because they have sold pills without rapamycin and in the past not tested their products

  2. The generic rapamycin they are getting with a prescription is real.

These are my statements.
I don’t know if it’s fake or real, but I do know generic rapa is real.


Can you tell from the packaging what “brand” (the manufacturer) of the generic sirolimus is? Glenmark? Dr. Reddy’s?

Is it a tablet or is it a capsule (i.e. gelcap)?

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It’s a small white tablet

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Hmmm… my rapamycin, rapamune, sirolimus and now Zydus is beige to olive green… never white.

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When I search Pill with S1…
I don’t get a rapalog medication.
Am I missing something. Easy enough to Google.

Came right up


My bet would be that its fine. This is a drug typically used in organ transplant patients. If it was not in the range of the correct dosing/bioavailability then the transplant patients would likely know pretty quickly…



RapaPro has had quality issues in the past, but they may have corrected the issue now.

Most people don’t get any side effects with rapamycin… so that alone isn’t going to tell you much.


Thanks for the responses.

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