Rapamycin with High Blood Pressure/ BP Medications - Anyone with Experience and / or Tips?

I have some friends interested in rapamycin who have higher blood pressure and are on medications:

One person is taking

  • 12.5mg Hydrochlorothiazide

Another is taking:

  • 5mg Amlodipine
  • 25mg Quinapril

Another is taking:

  • 25mg Candesartan

Has anyone done the research / worked with their doctor to develop a regimen for taking rapamycin with this condition and these types of medications? Any information or personal stories appreciated…

Epocrates is a free app available for Android/IOS that is awesome for drug interaction checks as well as for pharmacology/drug info in general. I use it all day long in my medical practice.

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Blogosklonny in his 2017 paper “From rapalogs to antiaging formula” proposes using ACE inhibitors such as Lisinopril and Angiotensin receptor blockers such as Valsartan, beta-blocker such as propranolol for lowering BP as well as anti-aging effects.


From what I can see on drug interactions - the biggest concern is Quinapril mixed with rapamycin (sirolimus) or everolimus.

ACE inhibitors Information:

See attached:

charmillon2014-2.pdf (490.5 KB)