Rapamycin with grapevine?

Below is a quote from Matt Kaeberlein in a youtube clip. I don’t understand the last sentence. Does he mean that most people take rapamycin with grapejuice so the effective dose incresease with around 350%? Or what does he mean?

“Most of the people I know who are taking rapamycin for health, not sick people, they’re taking it for health. They are doing once a week dosing and it’s usually in the 5 to 10 mg once a week. Is what I’m hearing on the grapevine.”

(Below clip will take you to that quote directly)

No, it’s just an expression “I heard it through the grapevine”


Funny… thats just a common English expression that people use - it means to hear informally from other people in the area…

Details here:

Perhaps you recognize this famous old song by Marvin Gaye:


@Davin8r & @RapAdmin Thanks for the clarification! I haven’t heard of that expression before :slight_smile:


Interesting English idiom, as a non-native speaker, I can’t get it before seeing your explanation. :smile: