Rapamycin while water fasting. thoughts?

hello! 27 years old and currently taking 6mg rapamycin a week. My next rapa dose is in 3 days. I plan to do a 7-10 day water fast starting from today and I’m wondering if I should continue taking rapamycin whilst water fasting or skip until the fast is over? I believe water fasting also inhibits mtor/autophagy so combing the fasting + rapa could protentional cause more side effects? Is there such thing as inhibiting mtor1 too much?

Has any one tried fasting while taking rapa? How was it? I’ll just be consuming water and maybe a little bit of salt so I won’t be consuming any calories at all.

thank you.

Fasting and rapamycin are partially overlapping, partially complementary. I would not start fasting until it is time for your next dose of rapamycin and skip a few weeks afterwards unless you are seriously overweight. You should probably do a proper refeeding afterwards making sure you fill up your glycogen stores to not risk suppressing mtor too long

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IMHO it’s a risky idea. Long fasting is a big stressor, so is Rapa. What do you want to achieve by doing that?


you’re right. not worth the risk. Ill just fast without taking rapa and continue after ending fast. thanks :slight_smile:

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I took my regular rapa dose of 7mg rapamune on day 2 of a 3 day water only (with some black coffee and electrolytes) fast, and had my easiest fast ever. (n of 1)

10 days is a long fast (I just started a 5 day, no rapa). From what I gather (Fung, Attia, Bikman, Kaberlein), The more obese you are, the greater the fat loss over muscle loss. But if you’re skinny, it’s hard not to lose muscle. So, keep up your resistance training: your muscles are thereby are stimulated, and will suffer less. I would take the rapa. My question is whether to take metformin also. It upregulates AMPK, which also turns down mTOR (but metformin is more for people with metabolic syndrome, not as good for athletes, so I’m not sure).