Rapamycin Use Post Lymphoma (NHL)

Hello everyone, I have seen a few papers where rapamycin or other rapalogs were used during the treatment phase of Lymphoma, but no data about use after chemo is concluded. I’m 8 months post chemo and as you can imagine, my body is a mess due to the chemo. Muscle weakness, loose joints, fatigue, etc. Does anyone here have experience taking rapamycin post chemo? If so, did it help with recovery from the detriments of chemo?

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Per Chatbot, Rapamycin has been investigated as a potential treatment for lymphoma. There’s evidence to suggest that it may have anti-tumor effects in combination with chemotherapy.

Hi and welcome to the forums. I wish you a speedy recovery. i don’t have any experience with chemo, but recommend you read up as much as you can. I just did a search on “Sirolimus post chemotherapy” and came up with some reading… but hopefully someone with more experience will add their comments here:

It seems to be an area with some significant research going on right now (sirolimus either with or after chemotheapy):