Rapamycin treatments and dose regime?

Here is a summary of different rapamycin treatments that are currently in use and/or studied. It would be very interesting to do best guesses on the dose regimes of the unknown ones in this list. Any suggestions?


You are the infographics master! This one would be a wonderful reference when it is complete!


This reveals a lot that I never considered!

I’m still new and I never bothered to look into the the immunosuppressive dose. I’m very surprised to learn that the low end is within range to what this community is using (when averaged across days).

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For the co-administration with ketamine for depression regime, there is at least one study (5mg single dose IIRC).

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:+1: Do you have a link to that ketamine study?

6mg 2 hrs prior to IV ketamine prolonged the AD effect of ketamine. Single dose, and it’s never been repeated but it makes for a hypothesis for additional studies at that dose.

Dr John Krystal discussed it on the Tim Ferriss podcase a few weeks ago.

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