Rapamycin: The unlucky history of the most powerful anti-aging drug


I’m not sure I agree with all the negative effects like it causes diabetes two, causes cancers, advances alzheimer’s plaque.

Would scare some people away and confirm… doctor’s choice to wait and see!

But, more mainstream PR. Nice.

Yes, it got the general things right but details not so accurate.

I tend to agree with the statement below… There may be some side effects but keep the big picture in mind… This is the only thing that is well proven to delay death… And maintain Healthspan.


We all hope that it will be proven soon that it delays death in people. It’s not proven yet unfortunately.


True… but given the hundred plus clinical studies during the past 20 years, on all types of organisms, from flies to worms, to mice… its the best shot we have for the next decade or more.


How many studies have been performed? I’ve heard from 64 to 100s. Just curious what the current tally is?

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Disagree with the “unlucky”. We are lucky that Sehgal kept Rapamycin going.


True… perhaps the luckiest… if he hadn’t kept it in the ice-cooler and taken it across from Montreal to Princeton, it would never have been further researched.


I think thats likely the right range… but then its branched into many related topics like mTOR, that have many more papers.

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