Rapamycin & Testosterone

Does anyone have any data on this? I’m due my Thriva blood test next month so will get one data point at least.

Some people have reported this before. Search here on the site on testosterone and i think you can find it easily.

There are a few messages here that people have posted regarding their testosterone levels on rapamycin:

Testosterone varies during the day. Convention clinically is to draw blood for assay at 8am. This may or not explains the variance.

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I have been on exogenous Testosterone for 3 yrs (intramuscular), and started Rapamycin 1 yr ago. 57 yo male. I have not seen any impact on total or FREE (my doc only cares about FREE). Iv’e had much greater impact of Rapamycin on my liver and kidney functions…both SIGNIFICANTLY improved. And this is consistent with the literature.


Thanks for posting. Great to hear about your results.