Rapamycin & teeth

My dog has been taking 3-4 mg rapa / week over the past year & a half. He just had 2 teeth pulled for a gum infection. Any thoughts on whether rapa could have promoted this infection? There seems to be evidence that rapa is good for oral health but I can’t help being a bit concerned. Would you continue w rapa (after he’s back to normal?)

How old is your dog, and do you brush his teeth? If not, you really need to make this part of your care routine. I have a box of disposable medical gloves on the kitchen counter which makes the whole process SO much quicker and easier and less messy. My dog was due for teeth cleaning in 2019, but I started brushing his teeth 3x/week and he’s been stable (grade 1 without worsening) ever since then and the vet is fine with continuing to defer the teeth cleaning. He’s 8 years old and gets once weekly rapa.

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He’s 9.5 & we’ve not been brushing his teeth. My question though is whether rapa is a risk for oral infections or is perhaps protective.

Generally, rapamycin should help with oral health. See this study: New Study: Rapamycin Rejuvenates Oral Health in Aging Mice

More here: New Study Funded: Towards reversing periodontal disease using Rapamycin

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