Rapamycin tablet dissolved in 2 minutes in glass of water

I purchased sirolimus tablets from India. Examining a tablet, I didn’t see any substantial coating on the pills which made me somewhat suspicious. So I thought just throwing a tablet in a glass of Las Vegas tap water seemed to be a reasonable test. Unfortunately, the tablet deteriorated greatly in just 2 minutes.

Matt Kaeberlein on a recent a call with rapamycin users, said he thought that rapamycin would not survive stomach acid. I might buy those capsules on Amazon that claim to make it into the intestine intact. It wouldn’t be very hard to split or crush a tablet and capsule it.

I already have tablets from another manufacturer (Zydus) on the way.

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I trust the Zydus brand and I have used it for several months.


Who was the manufacturer of your tablet?

I’m not a pharmacologist and not experienced in analyzing drug formulations - but I’m not sure we’d actually notice much of a visible difference between the nanocrystal tablets vs. non-nanocrystal (or other type of enhanced bioavailability drug packaging technology), and I’m also not sure that the visible dissolving of the tablet is necessarily the same as the release of the drug in the intestine.

I’m not saying the vendor of the tablet you purchased is a good one or not. We can’t really tell because nobody has done a rigorous comparison of all the different generic versions of rapamycin. I’m just saying, there might be better ways of evaluating the tablets and bioavailability. I suspect the easiest way is by getting a blood/sirolimus level test. How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

Read up on the nanocrystal technology that is used in the Pfizer rapamune version of the drug and I think you’ll see why I think its more complex than just dropping the tablet in some water: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

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The manufacturer of the tablets is Biocon. Ideally if it was practical I’d get Pfizer now.

I’m not going to get the sirolimus test because I was going to switch switching to Zydus anyway.
I did take that test a couple of months ago when I was getting rapamycin from an out of state compounding pharmacy.

I have to think that situations like this are colleterial damage for being an early adopter.

I ordered it a few days ago. They’ve created the label so it should ship soon.

it should work, there’s a sirolimus drink available here too but you cannot compare the dosages between coated tablet and drink (interestingly the instructions say to to dilute the drink with either water or orange juice but nothing else…

it also says to always take sirolimus either with food or without food )

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