Rapamycin side effects 1st month

I have started taking rapamycin. As a 62 year old female, I take lower dose of 4mg weekly. After taking the dose, I do get a headache all day. I also feel woozy and have rapid heartbeat.
The side effects are gone next day. FYI on side effects.


Sorry to hear that. You may want to try a lower dosage and work your way up?


Welcome Rosalyn - I too, had definite increase in my awareness of my heart beat… could feel it in my head, chest and arms. My heart felt heavy - kinda full (like a meal- lol) - and a rapid beating… that first month. Then, not as noticeable. I think it was repairing my heart and clearing my veins. A good thing.

My veins are always full and visible since starting rapamycin… like I just worked out, but I haven’t. And, if I pause I feel my heart and blood surging all over my body.