Rapamycin serum level tested - now what?

So I have read that I need to know peak serum level of rapamycin, but I don’t know what I’m looking for. I’ve been taking 6mg a week for about 2 months after a ramp-up period of +1mg/week for 6 weeks.

I timed the blood draw so it was a little over 90 minutes after my sirolimus dose, with the results of 10.7 ng/ml. …but what does that mean? Is my current dose sufficient? Should I increase it, decrease it, or keep it as-is. I haven’t seen any data about where peak serum levels should be. Thoughts?

“with the results of 10.7 ng/ml. …but what does that mean?”

It’s just for your information. Nobody knows what it means for longevity.


Ok. Good enough. The primary reason for testing was to ensure the Zydus Sirolimus I received was ‘legit’. Apparently it is. :slight_smile: Thanks for your response.

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