Rapamycin Searches on Google Up 900% this Year

I was curious about how interest in rapamycin has grown over the past year so decided to check Google Adwords to see how much the searches have grown on the term “rapamycin” and “sirolimus” over the past year. I was amazed to see that the searches have grown over 900% year over year. It seems interest in rapamycin is really taking off, which is good to see, and well-justified.

I’ve also included the search information on other popular anti-aging drugs and supplements below. It seems like Rapamycin is the most popular in terms of rapidly growing public awareness these days.

17-Alpha estradiol is also growing quickly, but still small (and mostly unavailable for purchase). NR and NMN are both popular searches, but don’t seem to be gaining popularity now as their search volume is mostly flat.

Sadly - because google has gotten more and more restrictive on the data they share with others - they no longer give the exact search numbers on keywords - and instead just give ranges (in this case 10K to 100K searches).

Rapamycin Search Popularity:

17-Alpha Estradiol Search Popularity:

Canagliflozin Search Popularity:

Acarbose Search Popularity:


Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Search Popularity:

Nicotinamide Mononucliotide (NMN) Search Popularity:

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