Rapamycin podcast case interview questions?

When it comes to the Rapamycin podcast I have had one goal to not only interview researchers and physicians in the area but also to do different case interviews with people who are taking Rapamycin and self experimenting with it. There are lots of individual experiences out there on Rapamycin which would be interesting to dig deeper in. I think these case interviews would be a great complement to Matt Kaeberlein’s recent Rapamycin study where he consolidated a lot of this knowledge (pubmed: 37191826).

Are there any questions or topics in the Rapamycin area that you would like me to lift in these case interviews? All feedback is welcome :pray:


week 4 coming for me …I’m active at 77 and started at 2mg week 2 went to 3 had a headache all that day then fine week 3 stayed at 3mg soon will go to 4mg feeling pretty good
I have arthritis in 2 fingers from the first dose the R quickly alleviated the pain as well all joint pain soon after each dose , what I noticed at day 5 and 6 a little of the usual discomfort returned as …I guess the R dissipated from my body, till the next dose … which at this point I very much look forward to

So my question is : does the noted pain / joint beneficial effect of R build up as usage / dosage increases ?
or is it always going to be diminishing as the body clears before the 7th day ?
thanks !

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Some changes will be permanent, some will be quasi-permanent and some will be temporary. It all depends on dosage and your biology.

One quick way to find out is to take a 2-3 week break and see what pains and problems come back and which ones are better or gone for good.

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sounds logical , I am at the point that I like what R is doing so I really don’t want a break !


when can we look forward to the next interview ?

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The goal is publish one per month :pray:

If Alex is up for it I think you should interview @AlexKChen I want to hear about what protocol is good, microplastics, etc.

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