Rapamycin + Metformin

Describing a multi-function drug as dirty just doesn’t make sense. Many vitamins and other supplements are multi-function. Why call them dirty? Here is another example of the “dirty” drug metformin’s multi-function:

Rapamycin/metformin co-treatment normalizes insulin sensitivity and reduces complications of metabolic syndrome in type 2 diabetic mice”
“Here, we show that combination treatment with metformin ameliorates negative effects of rapamycin while maintaining its benefits”

IMO: This is an important article to read fully for those taking rapamycin. It addresses the increased lipids and increased blood glucose levels in some subjects taking rapamycin.


That is a great article. It’s too bad that many people don’t read these articles fully.

Is there a mention of the proper dosage of Metformin per mg of Rapamycin?

He just says that because it has multiple effects on the body and pathways. Matt K would say the same about fasting. One of the things he likes about rapamycin is that it only affects MTor. I can see how that would appeal to a scientist who has to worry about confounding factors. I am happy to take a “dirty” drug!


David Weinkove


The power of combinatorial approaches in aging. ⁦


⁩ shows how some drugs can synergize with metformin to increase lifespan in C. elegans. Proof of concept for his spin out ⁦




Latest argument against metformin dosing for non diabetics. I tend to agree. However since Rapamycin creates Rapamycin diabetes and based on the ITP data, I will still take metformin before switching to acarbose when I run out of metformin.