Rapamycin lowered lifespan

This is the first study that I’ve ever seen that showed a Negative correlation with lifespan in any species using rapamycin. It was also dose dependent. No effect on lifespan at lower doses.

Will need to think about this one.

Longevity Effects of DMSO-Solubilized Rapamycin and Other Compounds in y w Male Drosophila melanogaster


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Interesting. My 1st thought is how relevant can this be, given the researchers are going backwards to lower life forms when rapa has already been shown to extend life span in mammals.


I would agree. Interesting that prior studies showed a life extension effect in fruit flies. Maybe they started in too young a population. DMSO?
The dose response concerns me some. I’ll keep my dose relatively low for now.

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Possible explanation:


Yes, and now that I look at it uM is a huge dosage, humans only have 1-2 nM for full immunosuppressive effects.
Anything not human isn’t a great model anyway.
Dogs and marmosets are better.