Rapamycin-Loaded Nanoparticles for Macrophage Targeting in Atherosclerosis


A scary article appeared on my Twitter feed this morning. It also makes the case for Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CAC)

One of the best things about this article is the number of references that are available as full-access PDFs.

We should not ignore the fact that rapamycin increases harmful lipids in our blood and take steps to lower our lipids while continuing to take rapamycin.

“it is vital that we rid the system of its most potent toxin: LDL-C, a metabolite responsible for the death and disability of more people than any other known product of human physiology”. [31]

“Many studies have confirmed that the lower the LDL-C, the lower the risk and the fewer complications of atherosclerosis, with no evidence of any clinically significant harm no matter how low the LDL-C level [182,183]. Logarithmic scales including many historical trials of lipid-lowering show a direct relationship of disease level with lower LDL-C level achieved”

“FOURIER and ODYSSEY made clear that no matter how low LDL-C, even below 20 mg/dl, there was no greater incidence of adverse events than from placebo.”

“Statins and other LLT are remarkably safe and the few adverse effects that occur affect far fewer people than the many lives saved, an extremely favorable benefit/risk ratio”

“Statin Denial: An Internet-Driven Cult With Deadly Consequences”

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