Rapamycin & Ketamine

In December I read a study that demonstrated that Rapamycin when taken with Ketamine, extends the benefits of Ketamine. Does anyone know more about this or have personal experience?

I have just located a new source for Rapamycin and will be doing another round of Oral Ketamine. I found Ketamine to be very interesting and on 4 occasions I was in a much better place mentally. But they did not last long. I am hoping that with this combination and my current exercises in trying to tap into the neuroplasticity of my brain I will have better results.

I did try Rapamycin for 5 weeks in Nov/Dec of last year. I am not sure that was long enough to notice anything significant. I am hoping to also notice some subtle changes with my 3 month prescription of Rapamycin.

I will try to post results here.

Could you please post or link the study?

I post they following in another thread;

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I do not have that link. Perhaps I can find it. Have you tried?

What dose of Ketamine are you doing? I usually do 200mg sublingual and it lasts a couple hours. For the extended effect are you supposed to take both at the same time?

Study to link https://www.nature.com/articles/s41386-020-0644-9 and discussion of ketamine and rapamycin at 3 hour 14 min mark https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1igJRZlqy70 . Rapamycin dose was 6 mg 2 hours prior to ketamine .

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A good video on this topic: