Rapamycin Interactions with Other Food, Drinks, Supplements and Drugs

@McAlister Great thought-out reply. Thanks for your informative response and glad to have you here!

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Thanks for this. I did see some of those articles in my amateur digging. One thing I learned is there are two types of inhibition: there’s inhibition of the initial production of the enzyme (I forget the term) and this is what grapefruit juice does. One paper btw showed that the maximum inhibition effect peaked about ten hours later. Something to experiment with, drinking GFJ earlier in the day before taking Rapa in the afternoon (the curve was gradual, suggesting precision in timing wouldn’t be important)

The other inhibition effect was termed “mechanical” and this was an immediate inhibition or blocking of the enzyme already present. Ginko was one substance that did this for CYP3A4 - there were several. So taking one of these “mechanical” inhibitors WITH the Rapa dose might also amplify the effect. If that’s what’s wanted of course.


Yes - I’ve seen people who take rapamycin and GFJ take the GFJ the night before, (or eat the fruit) then again an hour or two before taking the rapamycin. I’ve not seen any blood/sirolimus testes comparing these approaches though.


Hello everyone,

I’ve been taking rapamycin at a dose of 6mg/week and wanted to inquire about any potential interactions or side effects when combining it with the following supplements:

Fish oil
Vitamin D

Additionally, I occasionally take the following supplements but avoid them 1-2 days before and after taking rapamycin:

Quercetin (CYP3a4???)
Red rice monacoline-k
Psyllium husk

For context, I typically consume all the supplements together in the morning, with the exception of acarbose and psyllium husk, which I take with meals.

Has anyone here experienced any side effects or interactions when combining rapamycin with any of the above supplements or drugs? I’d greatly appreciate any insights or experiences you can share.

I gather its better to take it with food than without.

Thank you in advance!

Thats a big list… the only obvious issue I see is this one.

You do have to watch Quercetin for sure:

Quercetin, a flavonoid present in various fruits, is a potent in vitro inhibitor of CYP3A .