Rapamycin improves myocardial hypertrophy in hypertensive rats

More good news on Rapamycin, this time in a rat study. This reinforces other research in mice and dogs that has shown that rapamycin can improve heart health (see this page).

rapamycin abolished the effects of T-induced cardiac hypertrophy, decreased the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of SHR, and inhibited the activation of mTOR/ S6K1/4EBP1 signaling pathway in a concentration-dependent manner. Collectively, these data suggest that the mTOR/S6K1/4EBP1 pathway is an important therapeutic target for the prevention of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) in postmenopausal hypertensive female rats with high T levels. Our findings also support the standpoint that the mTOR inhibitor, rapamycin, can eliminate T-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy.

Study Abstract:

Full Research Paper PDF Here:

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