Rapamycin impacting mainstream news/medicine

Two recent articles; one in NPR/Doximity announcing a new study for rapamycin and its beneficial effects on gum disease A drug may slow aging. Here's how it'll be tested in humans : Shots - Health News : NPR and another in The NY Times recently, “ A clinical trial currently running at Columbia University is also trying to slow the rate at which women lose their eggs. The study is testing the use of an immunosuppressive drug called rapamycin.”
I believe this to be only the start…


Yes, and yesterday there was a story in “The Week”. There was nothing new in the story, but its getting the word out.


Probably need to order a lifetime supply. Cost=supply + demand.
Or, customs will start more aggressive enforcement for packages originating in India.
Sorry, I don’t want the word to get out. People with any brains have already jumped on this train. :station:


I know feeling less butthurt… after being compared to a"prepper" on this site… because I have managed to save back a 4-year supply.

Currently taking 4mg zydus straight/neat a week… no GFJ. Hahaha!

I am planning on bio marker testing in 6-months.

Fine tuning my rapamycin sweet spot dose.


I had this conversation with a friend yesterday! Having just received an order from my contact in India, I am thinking of ordering another year’s supply soon.
BTW—I am appreciative of all of your posts. I’m 73 and have been taking rapa for 9 months now. Have had to adjust my dose as I seemingly am a strong responder and was having mTORC 2 side effects but now slowly increasing my dose and following labs. The dental study was interesting to me as on a recent dental checkup the dental hygienist said to me, ‘whatever you are doing, keep doing it as your gum pockets have improved 50%!’
All the best to you.