Rapamycin Half Life Calculations and Graphing - Spreadsheet

@BednarU made a good post on the blood testing thread that I wanted to pull out for easier access. This is probably something that everyone using rapamycin should look into in a quest to optimize dosing. I’ve also attached the spreadsheet in excel format for easy access in case you don’t have a google account.

Think this Google Sheet half-life chart can help in trying to figure out individual Rapamycin absorption and half-life metabolism (significantly modified a worksheet found on Age Reversal Network self-experimentation forum): Rapamycins Half Life Graphs 1-2-23.xlsx - Google Sheets it’s easier to double click on and view cell contents (preferably in full-screen, F11, mode with minimized, ^, menu bar) if you have a Google account, but not necessary (you can also just enlarge/drag-down the single-line formula bar). In order to erase and input your own data, you’ll need to download a copy first.

FYI, have added a 1/2 day column to take account of taking Rapamycin the night before to take advantage of performing concurrent blood lab tests (requiring overnight fasting), which mercifully minimizes jabs.

Of note, personally figured out that my Rapamycin half-life is a particularly fast 41 hours , and that my absorption/conversion rate is particularly low at ~ 1mg=1ng/ml (others usually have around 1/1.7). Further found out that piperine and pasteurized grapefruit juice (GFJ) had no effect at all, while fresh squeezed GFJ achieved roughly 6.5%/ounce (~50% /8 oz.) additional absorption. (Had to take roughly 32 ounces GFJ to achieve 300% total absorption at 10 cal/oz.) Most people should have significantly higher (300% or more) absorption increase from just 8 ounces.

Excel Rapamycin Half Life Graphs 1-2-23.xlsx (18.6 KB)


I’m I interpreting this correctly that grapefruit juice made no difference in initial levels or in half life?


Yeah, store-bought (pasteurized) grapefruit juice, as well as piperine, had no effect whatsoever. However, fresh squeezed (blended in this case) GFJ achieved around a 50% increase in absorption for 8 oz. (most people get 300% or more increase from 8 oz. FYI).


This tweet from Bryan Johnson is quite good aligned with the above.


Also this with Robin’s data is interesting