Rapamycin for longevity in people with In hsv-2

Would low dose (4-6mg) weekly Carry any unique risk in people with the HSV-2 virus.

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I don’t know if anyone here is really qualified to answer that question. But it seems likely that many organ transplant patients have likely had hsv-2 and taken sirolimus (and unfortunately this is where most of the data comes from - but for organ transplants such a virus is a much more serious situation - so there must be data out there on this issue, and doctors with experience in the area… but its going to be hard to translate the data from organ transplant patients to the broader population of basically healthy people who may have hsv-2 and who may want to take rapamycin.

Here is some research I’ve found by searching on “sirolimus and hsv-2 virus”


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I believe that HSV and other spine hiding viruses (Epsteinbarr virus etc), has triggers during transplantation’s, accidents, amputations etc. because of the virus seems to have a connection to adrenaline/dopamine. When an amputation or something similar happens to a patient with HSV, normally it triggers a massive outbreak of lesions. even if you have had the virus dormant without a previous outbreak ever in your life. (the virus thinks you are dying and needs to jump ship to survive)
This is believed to be caused by adrenaline/dopamine triggers, I don’t think the virus has any effect on Rapamycin itself.


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