Rapamycin for Hair Growth and Hair Pigmentation

I’ll make my own, thank you. :smile:

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I’m offering this to people who want to avoid using DMSO. I’ve been reading a bunch of articles on the web about transdermal creams. Looks like body builders commonly use PhloJel Ultra as a transdermal carrier. Phlojel Ultra, or maybe plain Phlojel, is a mixture of isopropyl palmitate, lecithin, water, and Pluronic F127, a long-chain polymer. One site, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PHLOJEL, says that “Bioavailability ranges from 10 % to 60%.”
The site for U.S. customers contains this answer to a frequently asked question:
“Q. Is there any way to increase the absorption rate of Phlojel Ultra?
“A. There are both physiological and chemical means to increase absorption rate. These include: a) apply to freshly-washed skin; b) occlude the affected application area, e.g. a bandage; c) add penetration enhancers such as menthol, d-limonene; DMSO up to 15%; add other solvents such as alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerol, transcutol but only in small amounts; if blood levels are required apply the product to an area of the body where the skin thickness is thin, e.g. the wrists, the forearm, behind the ear.”
U.S. customers can purchase Phlojel Ultra here:
Order Phlojel Ultra
By the way, some websites state that certain penetration enhancers such as alcohol can dry and damage skin with long-term use.


So as I alluded to… there is something else about the tonic besides hair growth. I have only been putting the tonic on my crown where the hair has thinned… ignoring everywhere else.

That said at the base of my neck… just above my hair line I have had an annoying area of eczema…psoriasis… acne?

Whatever it is… likely eczema… it has been bothering me off and on decades. I decided to put the tonic on it and within days it dried up. Just residual bumps. My hair dresser confirmed it is gone… yeah. I attribute this benefit to the Metformin in the tonic - as it is clinically proven to heal scarring, or cicatricial alopecia.

So… I had my hair cut last night and hair dresser confirmed no doubt new hair is coming in and thickening. She also confided to me that she is very surprised because nothing really ever works on regrowing hair. Tons of products - no results. She said – you got something here and took this pic. Lol Still wanting thicker!

May 10 … post treatment 10 days.


I can see an entire of line of beauty/healthcare products in your future.

Kylie Kardashian and her beauty line, worth almost $1BB.


Time to mix up some more hair tonic… by using it freely mornings and bedtime… I go through it pretty fast. LOL

Eventually might slow to just one application after morning shower, when I am satisfied with growth.

Would enjoy hearing of any other’s results. Really liking what I see.
Just took these pics.

My hair part that was falling south… and becoming a comb over… has returned to its normal high point on my head.


I have to try this sometime.

So, looking through all the previous comments in this thread - the current recipe might include, if you wanted to throw all the compounds at it:


and perhaps
some AKG powder
a-ketobutyrate ?
cyclosporine A

mix all the dry powder up and dissolve it in a little transcutol or DMSO, then add it to the minoxidil bottle.

I was noticing that there are minoxidil % ranging from 5% to 12%
have you looked at the higher % products?
Also - I see some with 6% minoxidil and .3% finasteride in the spray form. Perhaps that could form the base solution for this potion… like this: https://www.forhims.com/shop/hair-top-fin-minoxidil-spray


If you use finastride you won’t be eligible to donate blood…


Hi, why didn’t you just use the Olay eye cream ? I have read that you can make a topical cream for the skin with petroleum jelly but I’m not sure of the ratios?

I use unscented DMSO and 5% Minoxidol not a cream because I don’t like the mess… and greasy look of creams in my hair.

This solution you put on…towel in and hair looks dry and normal. Ready for work.

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You forgot the little blue pill finasteride. :wink:

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Thanks for the advice. Could I get some clarification on what you mean by “reduce to 50-70%”? Reduce the DMSO (with the dissolved rapa) by adding water until it is 50-70% of the DMSO-water solution? Also, has anyone attempted microneedling of this solution? DMSO already increases absorption into the skin it seems, microneedling has its own hormetic benefits and is used for product absorption as well. Would love to know anyone’s thoughts on combining these two protocols.

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Does that apply to the external foams, etc., or only to the oral products?

I don’t know, you should ask but iirc finastride is very teratogenic and a man taking it and having sex with a pregnant woman can have effect on the development of her male fetus.

Maybe you should ask but I gave blood last week and finastride and tretinoine were very explicitly asked about

Looks like in the US, you have to wait a month before you can donate if taking Finasteride, and 6 months if Dutasteride. The 1 month wait seems excessive (see below), but I guess out of an abundance of caution. I “assume” this means orally, not topical.

“According to a 2014 research paper out of Italy, a 0.25% topical formulation results in a blood concentration of finasteride that is roughly 15 times lower compared to taking the standard 1mg pill. Be that as it may, even this relatively low absorption is sufficient to dramatically impact blood DHT levels: these drop between 68 to 75% in the topical group, compared to 62 to 72% for the oral group. Taken together, these studies present a mixed picture. On the one hand, topical finasteride is absorbed systemically at a fraction of the oral dose, and the best estimate is 1/15th absorption. On the other hand, even at these very low absorption rates, it is still enough to cause a large decline in blood DHT levels. This last observation makes sense considering the standard 1mg daily oral finasteride is probably excessive, and that a much lower oral dosage, closer to 0.2mg should have been approved against baldness. Such a five times lower oral dosage results in nearly equivalent reduction of DHT levels and efficacy against male pattern baldness”

Looking at half life of Finasteride

How long does finasteride stay in your system?

It has a half-life of 5 to 6 hours for those are under the age of 70. That means it would take approximately 27.5 to 33 hours (5 or 6 hours x 5.5 half-lives) for the body to clear this drug.


Those are very impressive results! Have you added the metformin, and if so, any noticeable difference? I’ve been using minox, akg, rapa, and just added as little dmso after reading your posts. As an aside, I’m getting really good results from taking some minoxidil orally, every day. Just a couple of drops of the actual topical (from bottle minus the additives) which seems pretty safe to me. I’ve got metformin that I’m not taking, so might break out the mortar and pestle to further the formula. Just don’t want too many fillers gooping up my hair, lol.

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Agreed like you I have a lot of extra Metformin.
The Metformin seems to be helping with a small 4 or 5 spots… skin eruption. Since putting the solution on this area… issue gone past 10 days.

Otherwise not sure it is adding anything.

Thanks! Guess it can’t hurt to add a little as it doesn’t seem to contradict any of the other ingredients.


Add “Lactobacillus reuteri”.

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Hahaha! Ummm… I think we have plenty in the hair tonic mix.

However, definitely need to have Skyr or Chobani yogurt or some other probiotic yogurt daily.

The Lactobacillus reuteri made the fur on the mice grow heavy and luxurious.

You have to make it, as all commercial made yogurts are pasteurized and of little or no value as a probiotic.