Rapamycin for Hair Growth and Hair Pigmentation

You could add in melatonin, it has a lot of good properties and is cheap. I just started a using 0,5% solution (added it to my minoxidil solution);


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IMO makes way more sense to try darolutamide or pyrilutamide before RU-58841. Yes, we know RU-58841 likely works from the strength of anecdotal reports, but the many reports of chest pain, etc make it seem too risky.

Darolutamide otoh is FDA approved for prostate cancer since 2019, and is given at ridiculously high oral dosages. Outside of potential issues with blocking androgen receptors, it seems pretty safe. It also seems to have fewer adverse effects than enzalutamide or apalutamide.

Pyrilutamide recently failed phase III (despite significant improvement from baseline), but this is probably due to low concentration of 0.5%. Considering people are using RU-58841 at 5-8%, or even higher, we likely need higher dosage of pyrilutamide. A few people on Reddit reporting great results with pyrilutamide.


Also regarding rapamycin and hair growth, I know @RapAdmin has linked the following paper which showed rapamycin could increase expression and activity of LDH enzyme.

This is a very important enzyme for hair follicle stem cells, see for example

This mechanism of LDH upregulation is very similar to that of PP405, which begins phase II trials for AGA in 2024


Qing Yu Christina Weng, MD, the company’s chief medical officer, told Dermatology Times , “the phase 1 trial was a randomized control study with topical dosing of either PP405, our small molecule treatment, or placebo for 7 days, focusing on safety and pharmacokinetics. The cohort included 20 male subjects with androgenetic alopecia, and we look forward to enrolling both women and men in our phase 2a trial.

I contacted Pelage about participation criteria for phase 2a. We shall see…


no way dont order from there. I wouldnt play games with shady alibaba sources. Only 2 places sell authentic and tested RU-58841. I used it a lot before my transplant. Thankfully no need anymore.
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In the beginning it did work great, but even though I considered it safe we never know the risks of it. A hair transplant was probably the best and easiest thing I have done. If your balding or thinning is quite obvious just get the transplant.

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How did the bitmatoprost powder and hair formulation (more generally) work for you? What formulation did you settle on for your hair tonic? Any success?

There’s no question I have more facial hair than I used to… and that is what I’ve been using it for. But I can’t say for certain what was the cause, since I’ve also been using Minox and Rapam along with the bimatoprost.
As far as my scalp, I haven’t done much other than oral minoxidil, since I still have a pretty good hairline, however, I may start on finasteride.