Rapamycin experience - Placebo or Possible Impacts:

Close to 4 weeks of weekly 4mg Sirolimus doses.

  • Minor mouth sores.

  • Slight rash on arm.

  • VO2 Max (as measured via Apple Watch) up from 40.1 to 43.7 with no other real change in diet or training. Months of baseline data, so the increase is solid. I’m a 10K + steps a day person.

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I recognize the side effects…

Not sure how accurate the vo2max is from an apple watch. I have done the physiology lab VO2max and find it hard to believe that the watch could achieve much accuracy. Keep tracking it, and perhaps get a real lab vo2max.

I think for most people it takes a minimum of 6 months to start feeling a difference.

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Has you body weight changed? VO2 max is O2 per minute per Kg so if the latter decreases VO2 increases…

That said, I wouldn’t trust an Apple Watch to provide accurate data in this regard.