Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

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David, welcome to the forums. Is this delivery method (rectum) something you have personal experience with, regarding rapamycin? Did you do any testing to see how well it worked?

I am aware from posts in this forum that siraboon does have good purity and presence of Rapamycin . However it seems from blood tests that oral doses do not give the desired results due to a sub standard enteric coating I can only assume . So given this , I think that PR may work . I don’t have access to rap blood tests , so is anyone able to do the honours with PR SIRABOON ? I have no special expertise or experience by the way apart from what was in the link I posted previously .

I already documented all my blood test with Siroboon 2mg tablets in another thread. Look for Siroboon Lab Blood Test Results

Yes many thanks for that thread Adrian , I was wondering if anyone could just administer siriboon PR and do some tests , as it might be way ahead with a crappy coating so to speak !

PR admin WIKIPEDIA article : any medicine can be given this way and bioavailability is always higher and quicker ::

lol, i do not want to that way lol. I use a separate enteric capsule to protect the pills. Cost like $15 for 200. I can easily put up to 3 pills into one.

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Fair enough . But from what I’ve read , bioavailability is possibly many fold more than even the enteric capsule route . So was just wondering if someone had done the blood work PR , so if people do want to use that route , they can optimise dose

People have brought this up before:

But I’m not sure anyone has tried it yet. Seems like an opportunity for someone! Perhaps doing it only once a week or once every two weeks (or even 3+ weeks) it might be not so intolerable.

If anyone tries it, please do the blood test 24 hours afterwards and report your results!

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