Rapamycin Effects on My Body, 5 Weeks Use

So, helloooo! I have been taking rapamycin for 5 weeks, once weekly, starting with a dose of 3mg with grape juice, on an empty stomach(+ eating something fatty 1 hour later). The effects I have observed: 1-Decreased sleep duration by around an hour. 2-Increased average and post-prandial glycemia, 3-loss of focus lasting around 2-5 days post ingestion.
Five weeks on and after increasing my dose to 4 mg last time: a- Fogginess, which subsided over time, came back. b-My heart rate is lower at night (similarly to when I fast for 24 hours or more). As an aside, fasting also shortens my sleep. c-My glycemia has started to normalise to ≈80 mg/dl, which is a relief. d-I am starting to lose weight, possibly through a decrease in appetite. Initial BMI was 22,2. I am going to ease off to 4 mg every 10 days. Blood :drop_of_blood: will be done in 10 days :expressionless:. By the way, Rapadmin, do you know if there is an online version of this Buck Institute update on ageing?


BMI 22.2
Exercise routine: rope skipping, weight training, mini-trampoline. Occasionally 3-15 miles walking uphill. (3-4 hours weekly exercise on average).
Basic diet: heavily fresh plant-based, very limited processed food, no alcohol or cigarettes, animal proteins are mainly fish.
Supplements: high dose omega 3 2-4gr/day, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin Bs and C and one multivitamin/day.
Blood :drop_of_blood:: I expect lower white cell count and hemoglobin, some changes in creatinine (reflexion of renal function). I am not much interested in my lipid profile as yet, although I will, at some point in the future months, have my apo B and lpa levels measured.
The effects on glycemia, sleep time, loss of weight are recorded by CGM, Oura ring and scale. Apple watch was mentioning today a rise in average glycemia over the last 5 weeks.

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Its been done, results published next year

Some people start with 1mg a week and work up from there. Your body may have been reeling from the sudden change?

Keep us informed of your journey!

Sorry - I don’t believe there will be an online option for the Longevity Summit at the buck institute in December.