Rapamycin Dosing — Recommendations on timing, eating, working out?

My Sirolimus finally arrived. Now I need to figure out the routine.

When should I take the dose during the day? I’m thinking with breakfast?

Should I eat a meal with the dose? Should I eat regularly on dose day?

When during the week should I take the dose? Mondays are a major work day for me. I work out hard for 90 minutes with cardio and weights on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’m thinking that dosing on Thursdays makes sense, two days after first workout, two before second workout, and four days before major work day?

Do you have any other advice for someone beginning this journey?

Many thanks!


For what it is worth, I agree with a workout free period after taking rapamycin. I go 36 hours --1 1/2 days exercise free after my dose… and testosterone free for 80 hours or 3 1/2 days -1 ml a week. My dose for rapamycin and TRT are halfway apart. Separated by 3 1/2 days.

My schedule for 2 years and 3 months. My muscle strength improved 15 pounds about every 4 months…then plateaued for last 8 months a few weeks ago I was able to add 15 pounds again. So tone and strength has improved with the Rapamycin and TRT.

I am now leaning toward dosing in the morning after a breakfast of eggs and bacon and milk (high fat/protein breakfast). I was dosing at night but sleep was very difficult waking at all hours.


I think your proposed schedule sounds good to me!


Even though today will be my 4th, & just 3 mg of Sirolimus later this morning, I’ve basically be doing same plan:


I read that milk offers an immediate source of calcium and protein to your post workout… so right after I down a glass of whole milk.

I then have a 1 lb. steak - medium well cooked -and another glass of whole milk within 1-2 hours post workout. I workout every other day. My routine for past 6-years.

Got my blood panel today… LDL - C 103. Dropped 40 points since July… no food changes… no changes. Coronary Calcium scan score zero.

My phenotype… my N=1 :wink: