Rapamycin dose regime for ME/CFS?

Is there any information on rapamycin dose regime for ME/CFS? I know some here are taking rapamycin for ME/CFS. Can you share some information in the topic :pray:

I would like to include that dose regime information in the image below :heart:

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Here’s a quote from Jeremy Waletzky: “I was unresponsive to everything until beginning rapamycin treatment, 6 mg once weekly in December 2021. I noticed an improvement in three weeks and by six weeks I was in remission” from this article:

I tried 6mg/week for six weeks (hoping for a remission of course) based on the above and had no such luck. With supervision, I increased the dosage (2mg at a time each week and then as the dosage got higher, switching to every 10 days, then every 14 days). Haven’t found a sweet spot yet.